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Manorial Titles originally founded in 1996 are Genealogical Researchers and Manorial Legal Experts that started working for private individuals and companies.  As London is home to national archives and other important registries and reference libraries, we are located in the right city to carry out research efficiently at the speed required for the 21st century. Our main function is checking national and county archives for the legal profession and in the past title companies. After many years working for others, we decided to start our own Title business with the aim to provide our customers with professional services likened to top legal firms we are use to dealing with.

We pride ourselves in our thoroughness of our uncompromising approach to proper research of all available records in the pursuit of total ‘due diligence and duty of care’ of bygone Titles for legal use by any nationality.

Thorough Historical Research

All Titles undergo a thorough research of all available historical records:
Landed Gentry Register, Title Nobilis and Manor Court rolls, Land registry, VCH history book (Victoria County Histories), Kelly’s Directory history books, Doomsday book 1086, Post Office records, Agriculture and Fisheries records, MDR (Manorial Documents register), County archives, National archives and other historical publications and journals together with specialist data bases used by the Genealogical industry.

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