Royal Lordship and Ladyship of NEWINGTON BARROW London (once held by King Henry VIII) Birthplace of the Founding Fathers & American Revolution



Royal Lordship and Ladyship of NEWINGTON BARROW London

Comes with original vellum deed 1802 King George III



The Royal Lordship & Ladyship of
Newington Barrow London
Once Held by King Henry VIII

Originally called Neutone in the Doomsday book of 1086, making this Title over 933 years old.
The area covers Highbury, Newington Green and parts of Stoke Newington.
King Henry VIII in the 16th century kept a house in Newington Green for hunting, wild bulls, stags and wild boar.
The area is steeped in historical famous people:
Henry Percy (6th Earl of Northumberland)
Anne Boleyn (King Henry’s wife)
Cardinal Wolsey
Thomas Cromwell
John Dudley (The Earl of Warwick)
Francis Bacon
Samuel Pepys
Dr Richard Price,

a libertarian and republican who cemented the village’s “reputation as a centre for radical thinkers and social reformers”.[9] He arrived in 1758 with his wife Sarah, and took up residence in No. 54 the Green,

in the middle of a terrace even then a hundred years old (The building still survives as London’s oldest brick terrace, dated 1658).
A large number of important politicians, thinkers, reformers, and writers visited him at Newington Green, including Founding Fathers of the United States
Richard Price (23 February 1723 – 19 April 1791) was a Welsh moral philosopher, nonconformist preacher and mathematician. He was also a political pamphleteer, active in radical, republican, and liberal causes such as the American Revolution. He was well-connected and fostered communication between a large number of people, including several of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

He is regarded as the activist that started the AMERICAN REVOLUTION.
Price spent most of his adult life as minister of Newington Green Unitarian Church,

To hold a Lordship & Ladyship title of Newington Barrow the birthplace of the founding fathers and the American Revolution is to hold on to a piece of American history before America was even born.
The Spirit of America’s birthplace in a Title

What the purchaser receives?

Deed of Conveyance (transfers the title from the current owner to you the purchaser) both parties must sign the


Genealogical historical notes of the title from known history books and journals

Framed Certificate

Statutory Declaration (legal deed from current owner regarding provenance a claim of title)

Leather Documents case

250 Personal/Business Cards showing new Title


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