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Become a TITLE BROKER from £10,000-£21,000

Great “Home based Franchise” & “Business Opportunity”.

Potential earnings up to $1,135,680 or more per year!

Full-time salary for part-time work.

Potential Earnings based on 30% commission:

If you sold 8 Titles week you could average £873,600 = $1,135,680 per year
If you sold 4 Titles week you could average £436,800 = $567,840 per year
If you sold 2 titles a week you could average £218,400 = $283,920 per year
If you sold 1 title a week you could average £109,200 = $141,960 per year

Work from home or anywhere in the world!
Can be run along-side your
existing business.

What Is Involved?

Full time income, from part time effort. Work from a cell phone or laptop … from anywhere in the world.

Brokers needed worldwide. Great rates of commission on sales –
£10,000 = 15%
£20,000 = 30%

We provide;

Lordship/Ladyship Title

Full on-going training and support.

All customer administration

Manorial Titles exclusive Red Briefcase

Personalised business cards

How previous Brokers sold Titles

Advertisements on the internet

Advertisements on in-flight magazines

On cruise ships giving presentations on the subject

At the 19th hole (Bar) on Golf courses

At beach bars

At businessmen’s favourite Bars

At Networking Events

Wedding exhibitions (for Bride & Groom)

Wedding magazines (for Bride & Groom)

At Yacht Clubs

At Tennis clubs

At Cricket Clubs

At Horse races

At boat races

At Formula 1 races

Personal friends and business contacts

Sunday newspaper magazines

At conferences

At polo matches

Through Email Data-Bases

After you sell a Title, ask your customer to recommend a friend or relative who may also like to purchase a title.

Proven History
When you join the Manorial Titles team, you will be joining a company with a proven track record of 23 years in the business.

Full Commission – between 15% and 30%.

CALL LONDON +44 203 808 8637

What are the advantages of a Title?

All our Titles are Inheritable
Able to pass by inheritance to one of your children (if you have more than one child then it’s a good idea to buy more than one title so every child will inherit a Title)

Social Status -Titled people experience a higher status of respectability and a higher class of standing in the community. Socially a Lord or Lady is a preferred person to know and be associated with, business wise a Lord or Lady command’s a status of trust, that of a gentleman, part of the establishment or aristocracy of the high classes. Lords and Ladies get invited to more social events.

Good for Business – A Title opens doors of opportunity. Everyone loves to name drop, “I know Lord and Lady of Kensington personally” or “Lord / Lady Jones is my photographer”. Private people and companies will want to do business with you because you are a Lord or Lady.

Financial Advantage – Banks and Financier’s credit score Lords and Ladies as low risk, as they are unlikely to default on loans due to the jeopardy of their reputation. Therefore, financially, Lords and Ladies obtain better credit facilities than Mr. and Mrs.

Service – As a Lord or Lady you will notice a better attitude bestowed on you with your new Title, generally people in service industries (Hotels, Restaurants, Travel etc…) treat Lords and Ladies with a noticeable degree of extra respect. It’s like being part of the aristocracy or a celebrity.

What Titles can be Purchased
Manorial Titles conforms with the “Honours Prevention and Abuses Act 1925”. Only Manorial/Feudal Titles from England may be purchased legally, Peerage Titles (granted by the Queen) are not legal to sell.

Types of English Titles

Lordship of the Manor

Lordships of the Manor are called ‘manorial’ due to their rights of manor. With recent law changes 99% of bygone lordships no longer have ‘manorial rights’ unless they are registered at the land registry. Less than 1% are registered, therefore, most lordships only come with right to use the title only. With the introduction of the Law of Property Act 1925 and the president case Beaumont vs Jeffries where the ‘Title’ became separated from the land itself nearly 95% of lordships and prescriptive barony titles after 1925 were abandoned or disappeared (lapsed). This forced a legal situation some years later whereby legal documentation was required to reclaim the ‘right of peaceful enjoyment and use of the title only’ “use of the styled Titled name and legend”; legally after 40 years all manorial rights would revert to the crown.

Most common manorial rights
1. Hunting and fishing rights
2. Mineral rights (gold, silver, copper, oil)
3. Right of Fair (the right to hold a market)
4. Waist lands (rights over ditches at the side of the road)
5. Toll roads (right to charge Toll fees over bridges or roads)


Lord = Male (Husband, father, son)
Lady = Woman (wife, mother or daughter)
Children = no title

Forms of Address:

In writing: John Smith Lord of Blute
Verbal Choices:
Lord John Smith
Lord John Smith of Blute
Lord Smith of Blute

Or simply: “My Lord”


Feudal Barony Titles

A Feudal Barony is not a Baronet title granted by the monarchy, although very similar as they both were given with land holding. A Baronet would have a seat in the “House of Lords” to vote on laws of England and Wales, whereas a feudal Baron does not have a seat. A prescriptive barony is a principal Lordship holding a major judicial court called a “Court Baron”. All major Lordships of the Manor held court for minor crimes. The nearest “Court Baron” was for more major capital crimes of murder, theft, poaching etc.


Baron = Male (Husband, father, son)
Baroness or Lady = Woman
(wife, mother or daughter)
Children = no title

Baron John Smith of Blute
Baron Smith of Blute

Or simply: “My Lord Baron”

What the purchaser receives?

Deed of Conveyance (transfers the title from the current owner to you the purchaser) both parties must sign the deed.

Genealogical historical notes of the title from known history books and journals

Framed Certificate

Statutory Declaration (legal deed from current owner regarding provenance a claim of title)

Leather Documents case

250 Personal/Business Cards showing new Title